We found this sign in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center’s ballroom, where a party hosted by the Black Student Assembly and a private non-university organization known as SC Hype/L.A. Hype took place Halloween night. Outside the event, about 100 people had lined up to get inside by 11:30 p.m. About 300 people were believed to be inside.

Near the line, an altercation led to one suspect firing gunshots that wounded four people. None of those people involved ever made it into the party, USC officials say.

All that was left in the ballroom Thursday afternoon was the sign, a couple of cardboard trash cans and a few fold-up tables propped up.

A search for #TurnUp on Twitter leads to tweets about people talking about getting high off drugs or listening to music. Urban Dictionary defines Turn Up as “getting wild or excessively crazy. Typically used in the context of a party.”

The dictionary entry continues, “It is normally followed by a prepositional phrase (For the party, In that place, On that hoe) and it is often used in the past tense (turned up). ‘Turning up’ is almost never said.”

—Paresh Dave